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Register the channel


This section has been prepared for subjects who intend to register their own channel (Web-service, Domain Gateway/Porta di Dominio or FTP) with the Exchange System in accordance with the Technical specifications of the Exchange System.

It should be noted that for the CEM (Certified Electronic Mail, PEC in italian) channel no type of prior registration is necessary.

To register the channel a registration request must be sent. This is equivalent to signing a Service Agreement with the Exchange System.

The transmitter may choose to register for more than one service made available by the Exchange System forwarding the relevant requests and may register only one channel for each of them.

The registration request is made by filling in a form online in which the following data must be entered:

  • the data of the subject for which registration of the channel is requested,
  • the data of the holder of the agreement and of a technical contact,
  • the addresses (endpoints) in relation to the channel to be registered (for transmission and/or reception),
  • (only for the SDICoop Service) the name of the CSRs (Certificate Signing Requests) necessary for generating test and production certificates.

At the end of the compilation the request is generated in the form of an archive file in zip format containing:

  • a copy of the service agreement (in xml format) which describes the methods of providing the service and the references necessary for communication with the Exchange System,
  • the style sheet (xslt) to display the service agreement,
  • the document with the technical specifications of the channel registered,
  • the xsd and/or wsdl files necessary for interacting with the Exchange System.

The file thus produced must be signed with a qualified signature certificate, issued to the service agreement holder, and sent via CEM to the Exchange System.

Accessing the sections:

it is possible to proceed with the registration request in relation to the channel of interest.

For more information

For a detailed description of the transmission channels through which:

Example of CSR generation using OpenSSL commands (for expert users)